This new electrostatic system is based on the production of CU++ Positive copper ions which when introduced in the water drops charged with plant protection products, are attracted by pathogens, fungi, etc… which have by nature negative charge. With this we get “to hit the target”, that is to say, when the copper ions come in contact with the cells of the pathogens, destroy their membrane and allow the agrochemicals to enter the cell denaturalizing them.

Positive copper ions increase adherence on leaf surfaces, pathogen, fungus and algae, reducing drift.

Copper ions with agrochemicals have a uniform dispersion in the leafs. It is because the copper ions, which have a positive charge, have a uniform rejection between them.

The system uses safe low voltage energy and produces non-toxic low concentration copper ions. They are stable for a long time and are not affected by heat and ultraviolet radiation until they do their job.

Copper ions prevent nozzles become obstructing and they expand  the lifetime of products, reinforcing the treatment cohesion  with the leafs.

This system is suitable for mounting in atomizers, equipment of hydraulic booms, etc…

Desarrollado por Codisel – Sección Increa Concept